Aseel has been granted the Superbrands title

October 12, 2020

United Foods Company’s flagship brand Aseel has gained a foothold in the field of fast-moving consumer goods, following its win granted by Superbrands, the world’s most prestigious and independent arbiter on branding excellence.

Achieving Superbrands status bolsters brand positioning and prestige as well as guarantees consumers and suppliers of premium quality products. For many years, Aseel has carved its own name and become a key player in the industry. The distinct recognition demonstrates outstanding overall business performance, customer service, marketing, and CSR initiatives. Through its strategies and investments, the brand has successfully generated advocates and evangelists among its partners, suppliers, consumers, and employees.

It has established a strong reputation for its competency in delivering superior quality products and customer-centric services. Furthermore, the brand has sealed its stature based on its dominance in the aspect of market leadership, consumer trust & loyalty, goodwill, and market acceptance.

The rigorous selection process involved surveying a number of companies and business professionals from all over the UAE, which will be assessed and judged according to key criteria. Participation is offered through an invitation from Superbrands. Companies and brands do not submit applications or sponsor the award-giving body in order to be shortlisted or considered for the highly acclaimed Superbrands status.


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