April 14, 2020

On February 21 – 25, United Foods Company attended Dubai’s show-stopping F&B expo where innovative food and business celebrations take place.


Trusted by generations, the company took pride in bringing authentic flavors to the global food stage for all exhibitors, customers, and visitors to understand the brand and open investment deals.


The CEO of United Foods Company, Fethi Khiari, stated: “Gulfood has been a strategic platform for United Foods for business expansion, establishing new partners and maintaining current partnerships. For us, Gulfood has become a global business platform which is of similar importance to the international exhibition events that run around the world. We are proud to take part in this event and we are looking forward to a prosperous event this year.”


Gulfood has served as an excellent avenue for Aseel to increase its exposure in international markets. Many potential clients from different countries convened in the event that sparked a great pool of viable business opportunities.


United Foods Company holds a variety of high-profile consumer brands that already became household names in the region. We also showcased new products such as Della Terra and Super Sun to name a few.


The company will continuously be providing a wide selection of products to complement diverse and growing customer preferences.


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