February 1, 2020

The flagship brand, Aseel Foods, has partnered with Dubai Autism Center to spearhead a campaign that supports people living with autism. Committed to its desire to be the reason for someone’s smile, the entire month of February 2020 was designed to roll out activities that championed altruism and created fun with the brand’s fanbase at the same time.


Children with autism are known to be creative artists in their own right. This natural talent was an inspiration that engendered the implementation of the painting auction competition. With their emotions as their mode of expression, the kids crafted a spectacular ‘work of heart’ that will leave one feeling nothing but awe and respect.


Moreover, customers — first-time buyers, patrons, and autism supporters alike — rushed to their nearest supermarkets to grab Aseel products of their choice. By inputting the unique code on landing page, they automatically activated their entry to participate in the campaign. standing a chance to win amazing prizes as well as take home the painting itself.


Hitting two birds with one stone, customers that purchased Aseel products did not only drive sales for the brand; they also raised funds in the process, which served as a catalyst to help improve the quality of life of, build a sense of inclusion and independence for those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Proceeds accumulated during the promotion were duly donated to Dubai Autism Center.


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