Two pioneers’ 40 years of tenure mirror UFC’s company culture

October 8, 2020

Shahid Perwaiz, Senior Finance Officer and Azhar Javed Butt, Plant Engineer witnessed the United Foods Company grow from grit to great, from its lows and highs. As they both served half their lives for four decades, the company has been their strong and stable support system since the beginning.

Fostering a culture of inclusivity, continuous improvement, as well as positive and dynamic engagement among employees and the management are strong indicators of a company that knows how to take care of its people.


An outstanding work environment doesn’t happen overnight. A company that is successful at implementing strategies designed to lower retention rates has a clear mission, vision, and values from the get go. It requires a consistent execution and compliance that every employee — from entry-level to the top management — should live by on a daily basis. Incorporating and branding a great workplace culture into the company’s internal and external communications is key to achieving a philosophy everyone puts their faith in.

The pillar that supports the company’s principles is built on celebrating diversity, acknowledging small wins, and creating genuine friendships. As a result, employee productivity, work output, and morale climb to greater heights.


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